Military Personnel


At HSU, we offer military personnel the opportunity to earn an advanced degree and improve their career prospects. The University not only offers the sentinels of the nation a chance to acquire a higher education, but also encourages their spouses and family members to pursue an accessible and affordable online study program—which is testament to HSU’s commitment to imparting education to everyone regardless of their professional backgrounds. 

HSU has become the first choice of military personnel because of the following reasons:


  • It offers an exclusive 50% discount, along with a number of ways to reduce tuition fee.
  • It offers credit transfer facility for military training.
  • The study programs are self-paced and flexible, allowing them to complete their studies without sacrificing their professional commitments.
  • It has developed corporate partnerships that ensure its students bright internship and job placement opportunities.
  • The simple enrollment process allows them to start studying in 48 hours.
  • The University offers a dedicated student area, fully accredited degree, diploma and certificate programs, international recognition and lifetime verification services.

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