Faculty at HSU: Roles & Responsibilities

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Our faculty is entrusted with the challenging task of providing students with a vibrant and intellectually stimulating learning environment. The HSU online classrooms are fully managed by our faculty, from the generation of course content to the preparation of online exams. Committed to the scholarship of the highest order, they are responsible for both teaching and groundbreaking research, as well as designing curricula in keeping with the requirements of the modern world.


 The faculty at Hempster Shire University is categorized into:


Permanent Faculty Members

Our permanent faculty comprises professionals and industry experts who have been drawn from the best learning centers of the world. Our teachers, a majority of whom have advanced degrees in their respective fields, are equipped with exceptional experience with at least 16 years of real-world experience.


  1. Classroom Management: Continuous enhancement to include the latest theory
  2. Every HSU program's curricula undergo extensive and continuous development and improvements by the faculty, through our formal enhancement processes. The curricula's industry relevance is ensured by our professional experts from around the world who provide the practical knowledge, experience and proficiency behind HSU's offerings, making sure our HSU students are ready to face real world challenges.
  3. Distance Education: At the forefront of distance learning technology
  4. The dedicated full-time faculty is the key proponent of creating a better learning culture and a better development of our students through our distance education platforms. They keep themselves abreast of the latest developments in the field of distance-learning to keep HSU at the forefront of distance education.
  5. Assessment Management: Effectively evaluating student achievement
  6. A third and highly important function of the dedicated full-time staff is to develop online exams that effectively check the learning of students. They are instrumental in developing the objective criteria and effective exams by which our students are judged and passed.
  7. Record Video Lectures: Broadening your knowledge through every medium
  8. The Hempster Shire University faculty is also responsible for preparing the recorded videos of lectures for uploading to the various student classrooms. This requires careful planning as the faculty has to prepare their lectures to suit their students needs and requirements so that it is easily understandable. After that, they then have to make sure that the lectures get recorded and uploaded on time.
  9. Record Webinars: Real time interaction with faculty
  10. A key feature of a Webinar is its interactive elements -- the ability to give, receive and discuss information clearly. Hempster Shire University's expert faculty is fully equipped to provide the best webinars available anywhere in the world.


Adjunct Faculty Members

Hempster Shire University's adjunct faculty comprise teachers, professors, educationists and industry experts from the best institutions of the world. These experienced individuals bring with them extensive experience and in-depth knowledge in their respective fields. Correction and grading of assignments and issuance of recommendations for better job placements is also managed by our visiting faculty.


Associated Faculty Members

As a global educational institute, Hempster Shire University has collaborated with a large number of colleges and universities around the world. This collaboration enables students of Hempster Shire University to benefit from the knowledge and experience of the highly qualified faculty of associated universities, and colleges, including PhD degree holders who leverage HSU's global best educational platform to provide education.

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