School of Political Science and Public Administration

HSU's School of Political Science and Public Administration offers degree, diploma and certificate program in 2 different majors, providing students with in-depth knowledge of theories and applicable skills needed to excel in their careers. All of the programs of School of Political Science and Public Administration are superior to the similar programs offered by other leading Distance Learning Universities primarily because of such factors as ease and flexibility, affordability, convenience and quality of education.


Hempster Shire University's School of Political Science and Public Administration adequately prepare students for entry into the various careers in the public service field. The school promotes and maintains educational quality to address the common core courses and specializations for pursuing graduate and professional education in political science, international relations, public policy and administration. Through strong project and research work from this particular school, students participate in policy analysis of contemporary problems and hands-on challenges of public management.


The technical competencies that are nurtured in the school's curricula include ability to think carefully and critically about important questions, writing and speaking well, acquiring knowledge for grounding problems in a political, social, economic, or legal context, and demonstrating the ability to collect information to analyze problems and to make a difference in the quality of people's lives.


An distance learning degree in Political Science and Public Administration offers students the opportunity to pursue their education from their homes or take classes at their own pace. Students taking distance learning courses are encouraged to work in a vibrant online environment and conduct extensive research using databases.


Getting an accredited distance learning degree from HSU School of Political Science and Public Administration can lead to a career as a lawyer, diplomat, state legislator, pollster, campaign manager, research scholar, newspaper reporter, or editorial writer. Majoring in public administration can lead to a rewarding career as a public servant who designs, implements, manages, or evaluates public policies on topics as varied as health, social services, transportation, energy, education or waste management in local, state, national governments, or international agencies.

The School of Political Science and Public Administration employs the most experienced and capable faculty to teach its students. Each of the faculty members is a proven worker in the industry with supreme technical know-how about the latest trends in the political world.

The faculty focuses its efforts to provide both undergraduate and graduate students with the knowledge, skills, and abilities for understanding, participating in, and managing their duties at their potential or current institutions, processes, and behaviors characteristic of national and international politics and public affairs. School's faculty is dedicated to maintaining program effectiveness for both students and community partners through continuous self-assessment and improvement.

The School of Political Science and Public Administration equips students with the required administrative knowledge to start a career or continue to work successfully in public and private organizations at all levels. You will be able to earn the following average salaries in your chosen field, i.e., political science and public administration:

Majors Average Annual Salaries
Political Science$67,820 - $107,420
Public Administration$34,000 - $71,621

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