School of Social Sciences

Hempster Shire University's School of Social Sciences offers internationally accredited degree, diploma and certificate programs in 6 different majors and growing social sciences fields, providing students with in-depth knowledge of theories and applicable skills needed to excel in their careers.


The HSU School of Social Sciences is a highly regarded academic school within the university which provides university degrees in the field of social sciences. The HSU School of Social Sciences offers programs in several majors including renowned majors like Economics and exclusive majors like English, Mass communication, History, Sociology and Journalism.


Social science distance learning courses that are part of an distance learning degree program in social science are typically the same as those available in any campus-based setting, except that the students are expected to participate in viewing online presentations, and take quizzes and examinations on a web-based platform. Social science accredited distance learning programs gives students some flexibility with their schedules so they may well complete their coursework in their own time.


The most popular jobs available for those with a social science degree include researchers, administrators and counselors. It's been reported, at the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Handbook, that approximately 41 % of social scientists worked for federal, State and local governments. The general employment is expected to grow fast for occupations in this field.


At the HSU School of Social Sciences we regularly review and improve the university degree courses and update them where necessary to ensure that we meet the needs of both our graduating students and their potential employers. The industry for this field of education offers lucrative career opportunities with an ever-growing demand for new graduates in the industry.

The faculty at Hempster Shire University's School of Social Sciences has very diverse interests spanning across many fields. The faculty has shared many different research papers between themselves and has been the recipients of prestigious research awards from agencies including the National Science Foundation, the National Institutes of Health and the Russell Sage Foundation. The faculty collaborates with individuals at institutions all over the world, and many have strong collaborative relationships with researchers in the world-renowned Texas Medical Center too.

In addition to being recognized as premier research scholars, the Hempster Shire University faculty at this particular school consistently wins between a third of all university-wide teaching awards.

Given the current economic climate and the increased competition for graduate positions, there is a varied range of occupational areas. Social sciences qualifications provide an excellent background for a wide range of careers. Opportunities can be found across all sectors and in a number of occupations. Education, central and local government, finance, health and social care, law, the media, public services, campaigning and research are frequent career choices. Your chosen social sciences field will help you earn the following average salaries:

Majors Average Annual Salaries
Economics$89,450 - $99,360
English$37,000 - $60000
Mass Communication$27,010 - $63,280
History$25,850 - $95,750
Sociology$69,210 - $72,360
Journalism$36,000 - $55,420

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